A Meritage (pronounced like “heritage”) is a blend of two or more of the traditional “noble” Bordeaux varietals, with no one varietal making up more than 90% of the blend.  FiveWise is characterized by intense aromas of lush black fruit mingled with spice, caramel and a warm earthiness.  It is a full-bodied, rich and structured wine with a long, silky finish — a perfect wine with which to chill and grill.

Each varietal in our FiveWise Meritage Blend brings a compelling characteristic to the finished wine.  Cabernet Sauvignon provides structure, rich tannins and power.  Merlot contributes lively fruit and a supple texture.  Petit Verdot brings intense color and robust flavors.  Malbec adds a subtle spiciness and good acidity.  And Cabernet Franc brings soft round tannins and notes of dried herbs. 

Meritage Blend